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Our success begins with our RMC contingent/contract associates. We have developed a team of professionals who have chosen contract/temporary work as a source of income so that they may pursue their present passions—continued education, a career change, parenthood or just the freedom to gain knowledge of different industries and environments. RMC Staffing Services Inc. also provides contingent/contractor work for individual who have recently moved to the Chicago land area until they are able to define a more permanent career path.

Becoming part of our team is not easy. All candidates interested in working with our RMC must undergo an extensive evaluation process. The first step requires submission of a resume and participation in a telephone interview. Only those candidates whose qualifications and initial impressions meet our standards do they earn the opportunity for a face-to-face interview. Once at our office, each candidate completes a thorough application and skill evaluation, followed by a formal face to face interview before being considered as an RMC contractor. Once the in-person evaluation is complete, a reference check is conducted. If all aspects of the interview and evaluation meet our approval, the candidate is sent a welcome letter from our company and is considered for assignments with our client companies.

Although the assessment process begins with a candidate’s first inquiry for employment with RMC Staffing Services Inc. it never really ends! We continue to evaluate our associates throughout their tenure with us, relying upon feedback from our clients and internal staff.


We want you to know how much we truly value all of our RMC contingent associates. Even though you will not be physically working in our office, please think of us as your employer. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our services or your assignments, please know that you can contact us at any time. In addition, we would appreciate any feedback that you may have regarding our policies, procedures, our client companies and/or your assignments. We hope you enjoy your employment with us, as we look forward to working with you! To ensure your success, we recommend that you read through the following information and procedures:


  • Our Internal RMC Team Members
  • Your Availability
  • Skill Assessment
  • Selection Process
  • Early Morning Calls and Stand-by Option
  • Assignment Confirmed
  • Staying In Touch While On Assignment
  • Payday
  • Employee Perks
  • Overview
  • Guidelines For Success



On a day-to-day basis, you will have the most contact with your assigned RMC recruiter. However, we are all here to assist you in finding work and to make sure that you are happy with all of your assignments. It is important for you to always check your messages, return calls as quickly as possible and to stay in touch with us regarding your assignments and upcoming availability.

If you have any questions regarding length of an assignment, hours of an assignment, address of a client company, dress code, etc., please contact your assigned RMC recruiter directly at 1.630.969.0690.  

If you have any problems or concerns with your assignment, comments or questions regarding our policies and procedures, or would like to critique our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1.630.969.0690. or email us at info@rmcstaffing.com

If you would like to refer a friend to us for contingent/contract assignments, you can have them contact our recruiting department at 1.630.969.0690 to schedule an appointment.

To discuss any payroll related issues, including receipt of your time card or to see if your paycheck is ready, please feel free to call us at any time. We understand how important your paycheck is!


Let us know that you are eager to work!) It is helpful if you update our office at least once a week to let us know when you are available for work. You can contact us on any day that is convenient for you; however, we have found Thursday to be the best day, as jobs begin to come in on Thursdays & Fridays for the upcoming week. You may also send your availability to us via email to your assigned RMC recruiter.


To complete the interview process with RMCStaffing Services and to be considered for assignments that require typing skills, we ask that you complete a typing skill assessment test. It is recommended that all candidates complete the two minute typing test.  Your assigned RMC recruiter will provide the on line link to administer the test. Upon completion the results will automatically be emailed to us. In addition, you may be required to partake in additional testing depending on the assignment requirements from the client.  As a contingent/contracting associate of RMC Staffing Services Inc. we trust that the on line testing scores sent to us are the results of your skill ability and not that of any other party.


Our selection procedure for filling a contract position is based primarily on the information you provide us with during your interview, your scores from skill assessment tests and the feedback given to us from your previous employers. We then try to match this information with the requirements of each contract position that we receive from our clients. Nevertheless, the best and highest paying positions (according to skill level) will always go to those of you who have proven to be the most reliable, punctual, motivated and dedicated team players. Furthermore, we strive to match each RMC contractor with those assignments that will best utilize his or her skills, as well as in which environment he or she will feel most comfortable. When filling our jobs, we may call you for an assignment at any time during the day. So, if you are not at the number you have given us, please make sure that you check your messages throughout the day or call us with a number where we can reach you directly.


If you are interested in being available for same-day assignments, you would most likely be called between the hours of 7:30 am – 10:00 am and would be expected to arrive at the assignment within an hour of being called. Therefore, it is suggested that you are dressed and prepared to go to an assignment by 8:30am, as most jobs start around 9:00am. Please feel free to contact us in the morning if you are available to work that day!

Often in the evenings, we look for contract associates who are interested in being placed on stand-by for the following morning. If you are interested, please call our offices the evening before to let us know. If you are placed on stand-by, we are counting on you to work the following day if an assignment comes in. To prepare for stand-by, we ask that you get up early, get dressed and wait for our phone call in the morning. We ask that you stay available up until 10:00am, if you don’t hear from us by then, it is safe to assume that a job hasn’t come in and that you can make other plans for the day.  However, if for any reason you can not commit to an assignment in the morning, you must call us ASAP, so that we can make arrangements for someone else to be on stand-by.


When you are scheduled for an assignment, you will be provided with as much information about the assignment as possible, including:

  • Name of the company that you have been assigned to
  • Industry of the company  
  • Address, including floor number & cross streets
  • Name of the person you will be reporting to
  • Information regarding the environment in which you will be working
  • Lunch break policy
  • Daily hours of the assignment and if there is the possibility of overtime
  • Length of the assignment
  • Responsibilities of the position
  • Hourly pay rate
  • Dress code for the office



It is extremely important that you keep in close contact with RMC while you are on an assignment. Upon arriving to an assignment, please remember to call us to let us know that you arrived on time and to give us your contact number for the day. If for some reason you are going to be late for an assignment, please call us immediately so that we can notify the client. You should expect a call from us around midday on the first day of your assignment. If your assignment is scheduled to last five days or longer, you should receive a call from us at least once each week. Please remember to call us with any questions or concerns regarding your assignment.

On the last day of your assignment, please call us to confirm that it will indeed be your last day. In the event that our client asks if you would be available to stay on longer and you agree, please call to let us know how long the extension period will be.

Please keep in touch! We want to know when things are going well on your assignment, or if you feel that you would be a better fit in a different industry. If you feel that a particular assignment is the kind of position you would be interested in long term, let us know and we can advocate on your behalf. Please remember to be professional at all times; never give your résumé to a client. We are happy to do that for you through the correct channels. If a client approaches you about a position, please let us know.

Staying in touch is particularly important if you are interviewing for a full-time position with our client. We ask that you call us immediately after an interview to give us your impressions of the company and the position. This gives us an opportunity to discuss the interview with the client and to present you in the best light.

While it is important to honor your commitment to an assignment you have accepted, if something occurs to keep you from completing your assignment, please call us immediately. We should be your first contact with all personal issues, including if you are running late, need to move your lunch-break, leave early etc. The sooner we know, the better we are able to find the best solution and communicate with the client company.




RMC Staffing Services Inc. has dedicated every Thursday our payday!  You MUST fax your timesheet by the end of business on Friday and no later than 10:00 a.m. on Monday for the previous work week.  When faxing your time sheet, remember to follow up with a phone call to ensure receipt of your timesheet at our office.  We suggest that you get in the habit of faxing on Friday before you leave for the day as it is easier to remember than when you are returning to work on a Monday.  In addition, we suggest that you keep a copy of your timesheet with you through Wednesday. In the event that we haven’t received your time card, we will attempt to contact you on Monday by noon.  We will allow you an additional hour to re-send your time card. If your time sheet is still not received, your check will be processed the following week.


If you are interested in DIRECT DEPOSIT, it is available to you at no charge! To apply, please complete our direct deposit form and return it to our office along with a voided check. With direct deposit, your funds will be available in your account on Thursday evening. During holiday weeks, the day for direct deposit may vary. All pay stubs are mailed out on Thursday.


If you do not wish to sign up for direct deposit and prefer your check not be mailed to you Thursday, you can pick up your check from our offices on Thursdays of each week. However, the time that checks are ready will vary from week to week, so please call our office to schedule a pick-up time. If they are not picked up on Friday by 4 pm, they will be mailed to your home address.

CONTRACT EMPLOYEE PERKS - For Convenience and For Flexability!

  • Complimentary job Website Postings – right on our site!
  • Check out our up-to-date RMC job openings 24/7
  • Weekly pay checks
  • No-fee direct deposit
  • Discounts on Training Courses through RMC Training division
  • Many incentive programs offered throughout the year!



  • Be sure RMC has a current copy of your resume and up to date contact information.
  • Email us at info@rmcstaffing.com so that an email version is available for our clients should they require a copy prior to starting an assignment or accepting a position.
  • Be sure you have provided us with accurate information regarding your reference(s). Misinformation or incorrect information could delay the hiring process.   
  • If you forgot to bring the proper forms of I.D. with you to your interview, please remember to fax it to us at 1.630.969.3994 immediately so that you are eligible for contract assignments as they become available.
  • For your convenience you can retrieve a RMC time sheet through our web site – www.rmcstaffing.com OR you may consider making additional copies ahead of time to bring with you to your assignments.



At RMC Staffing Services Inc. takes great pride in offering our clients the level of professionalism and overall caliber of our contract RMC associates. Please read the guidelines below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further clarification.

Punctuality - It is important to arrive at all of your assignments by the scheduled start time. If you are unfamiliar with the area location of an assignment or if you are a person who often finds yourself delayed by unforeseen circumstances it is recommended that you plan to arrive at an assignment 10 minutes before the assignment is scheduled to begin.

Proper Dress Attire - In general, associates should always be dressed professionally. However, different companies have different dress codes, so please use the following as guidelines for different environments:

Corporate dress attire

For men:

  • Jacket, clean and pressed button-down shirt (top button done) and dress slacks
  • Polished dress shoes


For women:

  • Conservative knee length dress
  • Dress pant or skirt suit
  • Non revealing blouse & skirt OR blouse & dress slacks


Business Casual dress attire

For men

  • Clean and pressed button-down shirt or a sweater and pressed pants (no jeans)
  • Casual shoes (no gym shoes)


For women

  • Non revealing blouse or sweater and appropriate length skirt or slacks


Never Wear

Sneakers, ripped clothing, tank tops, jeans or shorts, unless otherwise approved.

Assignment Responsibilities - When given instructions by the supervisor at your assignment, listen carefully, take notes and be sure to ask any questions about things you are not sure about. For example, if you are on a reception assignment, you should have the names of everyone in the department and ask how they like their messages taken. If you are on an administrative assistant assignment, you should ask for sample memos and letters so that you are familiar with the correspondence format at the company. Additionally, always present your work in a neat and organized manner.

Assignment Commitment - If you are offered an assignment that is for more than a day, it is your responsibility to inform us if you have any prior engagements (i.e. interviews, court dates, medical appointments). We can then notify the client beforehand to make sure that you will be able to take the necessary time off.

Attitude - While on an assignment always possess a professional demeanor and be enthusiastic. Never think of yourself as “just a temp” - take pride in what you are doing, always, no matter how mundane it seems.

Internet/E-mail Usage - While on an assignment, please do not abuse these privileges. Always check with your supervisor on the assignment before searching the Internet or checking your personal e-mail account. If your assignment contains a lot of down time, do not assume it is okay to use the Internet for personal use. Check with your supervisor to see if there is any additional work available for you first. If not, ask if it’s okay to use the computer briefly. If your supervisor grants you these privileges, please do not mistake this as something you can do the entire day, but rather something you do quickly and then get back to the task(s) at hand. In most circumstances, companies have plenty of other things for you to work on that make the best use of your time and their money.

Problems On Assignments - If you have any problems on an assignment, especially if you are feeling discriminated against or harassed, please contact us immediately.

As a contract associate of RMC STAFFING SERVICES INC., you are among the highest caliber contingency contractors representing RMC Staffing Services Inc. We are so happy to have you on our team and look forward to a long and productive working relationship!